Plate Tectonics

By: Corbin bradley

3 layers of earth

Core- creates earths magnetic field

mantle- has 2 parts

crust- covers 1/3 of earths service

continental drift

This is the hypothesis that the continents were all once a super continent called pangea and that all the plates move across the earths surface.this was brought up by alfred wegener 2 main things that show that pangea existed was that scientist found the same fossils on both africa and south america and that the continents appear to fit together like a puzzle.

sea floor spreading

a proccess that occurs at mid ocean ridges where new crust is formed with volcanic activity. this was discoverd by Henry hess he found that the sea floor was warmer near th mid atlantic ridge. this helps scientist explain continental drift because it shows that contenets float

convection current

it heats the sarface and new material moves up and moves the continents

plate tectonics

J.Tuzo wilson combined continental drift and sea floor spreading and came up with the hypothesis of plate tectonics and it showed that continents float.

plate boundaries

transform- 2 plates slide past each other- earthquakes

divergent- 2 plates colliding- rift valley

convergent- 2 plates colliding- mountains

convergent with subduction- 2 plates collide and one pulls the other down- trench

ring of fire

its where most volcanic and earthquakes occur the most violent