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The Beyonders: Chasing the Prophecy by Brandon Mull

To say the least, this series is simply fantastic. Brandon Mull does a phenomenal job describing a mystical world from the point of view of two normal teenagers. Just like with the unique introduction when Jason is swallowed by a hippopotamus, I, too, was consumed by the complex plot in the world of Lyrian.

This third and final book in the series picks up right where the second left off, takes you on a thrilling adventure and has a perfect balance between a happy and sad ending. There's not a single low point in any chapter, any page. Warring wizards and kingdoms, puzzles and mystical creatures (good and evil), this novel just doesn't feel like it should stop--and you won't want it to.

In the end, a hard choice must be made as to which of the main characters, Jason or Rachel, must go back to Earth in the 21st century and never return to Lyrian. While I could empathize with the weight of the decision on the characters, I can always return to this magical land while reading it again.


About the Author

"Beyonders is the reason I became an author

The idea for Beyonders has been cooking in my mind for more than ten years. The desire to create this story is what lured me into writing novels. In Beyonders our main characters leave this world and cross into a fantasy world called Lyrian. To help the new world feel different from our own, I created some original fantasy races. It was important to me that these races weren’t breeds we were familiar with from our own mythologies. One race is called the Amar Kabal. They have seeds at the base of their skulls. If they’re killed and their seeds are planted, their bodies can regrow and live again, with the seeds preserving their memories. That is just one example."