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From the Principal's Office

Wow! The first month of school flew by and ended in a very harsh way. Let’s hope we get at least a LITTLE more fall before the weather turns to winter for good.

This month, I’d like to let you know of some of the great things that we are able to offer as part of our program of studies for this year. All of our students in grades 3-6 are lucky enough to be learning another language from Miss K. Miss K took French immersion all the way through school and her passion and joie-de-vivre are adding a great element to our second language program. We are also very pleased to have Mrs. Helland teaching art again this year to all of our students from K-6. Mrs. Helland’s art program teaches all students that they all have the ability to be artists. As well, we are fortunate to have Mr. Rodgers join us a bit more this year and he is teaching music to everyone in grades 1-6. Although we are not able to offer a drama program throughout the year, we will be able to offer some drama programming this year with our Trickster Theatre. Our school council very generously provides this programming opportunity to us and we are truly grateful for the experience.

Leadership is an important part of what we do. As part of our leadership skills, we are focusing on one core value and one key habit each month. For the month of September, we focused on being organized as our key habit. Our core value was respect - treating others the way we want to be treated. For the month of October, our core value is responsibility - knowing and doing our jobs and doing what is right. Our key habit for this month is being prepared. That means we need to ensure that we are doing things like being prepared for class by having our homework done, ensuring we are dressed appropriately for the weather, and being prepared for the jobs we do around school. We highly encourage you to reinforce these values and habits at home as well.

We are unable to do any of what we do without the strong support we have from our parent community. Thanks so much to everyone who volunteers to help in so many different ways. We truly appreciate all of you!!

Tracy Inaba, B.Ed., M.Ed.

News From the Classrooms

Kindergarten News

Welcome to school! The kiddos have had a great month learning school routines, songs, and making lots of new friends. The kitchen center, building centers, and craft centers have been the top favourite play centers! This month we have been focusing on learning to print our first names, math games with numbers 1 to 6, and listening to lots of back to school stories. We have also kicked off our social studies unit and show and tell with our '3 about me' bags, where we have already learned a lot about what makes our classmates unique! We are looking forward to the next month of learning!

News From Grade 1/2

You could just feel the excitement in the air as our Grade 1-2 students arrived at school on their first day and explored their classrooms! There were monkeys, owls and moose everywhere!

We have worked hard on settling into our daily routines and school work. We already have several new words are on our word walls and have been writing about small moments that we have experienced and stretching them into full stories!

Students have been building their stamina when reading to self and our teachers have shared lots of their favourite read alouds. Look for home reading folders that will be coming home soon!

We have discovered patterns, patterns everywhere in math! The students have been busy building various repeating and growing patterns. Everyone enjoyed Pattern Day this week decorating cookies, making patterns from objects in nature, creating beaded bookmarks, and building increasing pattern paper chains. When it comes to patterns, grade one/two are smart cookies!

In Science the students have experimented with colours and have discovered the secondary colours we can create with only three primary colours. The children are learning some new science words including transparent and opaque. The glasses we made with the coloured lenses made quite a spectacle! We have talked about seasonal changes and in just one month we have witnessed what three of our seasons would look like! We can’t wait to see what October brings!

Grade 3/4 News

September was such a great month. We got to learn so much about each other and get used to how things work in our classrooms.

In math, we have just started math groups. We are learning all about number concepts and big numbers. We know some games that we can play with you at home and can show you lots of ways to represent numbers. We have also been practicing a variety of skip counting patterns as well.

In writing, we have started our writer’s workshop. This unit is focused on narrative writing. In particular, we are working on crafting personal narratives and then we will have the chance to work on other narratives as well. Our lives can be a great place to get inspiration.

In reading, we have got to hear some interesting stories already in our read aloud, read a variety of materials in shared reading and have got independent reading time as well. We have been building our reading stamina and learning strategies to build the best reading life we can. Home reading is just about to start.

In science, we have been busy geologists studying rocks and minerals. We can describe and test a variety of properties in rocks such as texture, streak and hardness. Plus it was great to see some many awesome rock collections coming in from home too.

Plus in music with Mr. Rodgers we have already been learning about pitch, which means we will be experts when we get to hearing and sound later in the year in science.

October will be a great month and we are looking forward to it.

Grade 5/6 News

Lazy Day- Pajama Day

A lazy day is when you can come in your PJs for the whole day. You can bring a stuffy and blanket so you will be nice and warm!! VPE participated in a spirit day on Friday 27, 2019 for lazy day/ PJ day. Think of it like chilling at home watching tv but you are really just at school learning. Many students and teachers wore their cozy pajamas to school. It was great to see so many cozy people!

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Once again this year patrol has begun for the students. To start off the year, all interested patrollers attended a patrolling initiation meeting. At this meeting patrollers were taught the proper calls, sign movements, and how to be safe. Upon completion of the course, all patrollers receive a pin and a completion card. Keep an eye out for our eager patroller before and after school in reflective vest and be sure to thank them for providing extra safe walks home!

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Cross Country

Grade Three to Six students were lucky enough to participate in cross country. The course was set up and hosted by Southern Alberta Bible Camp (SABC). They had set up games and let us use their expansive gym and equipment. Many schools participated such as Arrowood, Milo school and many more! There were some amazing runners and many students from VPE receive ribbons. Overall, cross country was another success!

- R E S P E C T -

“Respect is important because respect makes you a better person!” quotes Ben Markert, a Grade 4 student of VPE.

Respect is often used as a big, compelling word. We claim we want to be treated with respect, and get unhappy when others don’t. Lots of people would say “treat others the way you want to be treated”, which is very true. Some people don’t really know what the meaning is, but use it because they hear that respect is important, which it is. So, what is the true meaning of the word?

The word has a lot of different definitions. The best way to explain the word would be “due regard.” It means paying attention to other people and their feelings. To regard something is to look at it. The Latin origin of respect is “to look back, meaning that respect can be just an observation. To respect people, is to observe it, to acknowledge its existence.

The word isn’t really that hard to understand. It really is just meaning to look at others and understand if they would be happy if you did a certain action to them. How would they react? That is the meaning of respect. Do you respect people? And do they respect you? Now you know.

- Emily Jackson-

Seed Survivor Program

VPE was lucky enough to be selected to participate in the Seed Survivor Trailer sponsored by Nutrien in September. This program allowed students in Grades 1-4 to learn more about agriculture by participating in a variety of games, a scavenger hunt and each student even got to plant a sunflower to take home with them. Thank you to our volunteers who were able to come and help with this. It was a fun experience for students and ties in with various parts of our science curriculum as we learned about soil, plants and staying safe while on a farm, or even in our home if there may be chemicals around.

Cross Country Fun

Students in Grades 3-6 once again had a chance to demonstrate their running skills when we took part in the Vulcan County cross country run on Tuesday, September 24th at SABC. SABC are wonderful hosts who not only set up the race but also allow us to use their facilities and equipment and even will cook you lunch. A big thanks to them for doing this again this year!

It was great to see students pushing themselves to do their personal best in the races and we had a number of students receive ribbons for being in the top 10 in their race as well as some who even got medals for the top three.

Also thanks to our parent volunteers who helped out. We couldn’t make this fun events happen without you.

Terry Fox Run 2019

We had a wonderful day for our Terry Fox Run on Friday, October 4. We were able to raise over $5000. We were a little short of our $6000 goal but there are still some more pledges to come in next week so we are hoping that we still might be able to meet this goal. Many thanks to the wonderful volunteers who helped make this run such a success. The weather really cooperated and it was wonderful being able to participate in the run with our friends at CCHS. Thanks also to Market Street Vulcan and the ATA for providing our snack after the run.
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October Calendar of Events

Click above to access our online calendar of events.

Bake the Bible:

Friday, Oct. 18th, 12:30pm

213 2 Avenue South

Vulcan, AB

Four week free program on Fridays - Oct 18th and 25th, Nov 1st and 8th. In the basement of the United Church. Arrive after school with a bag lunch. There will be baking, story, craft and kitchen etiquette. Children will learn what utensils do and how to measure ingredients. Pick up is at 5pm. Each child will take treats home.