By Nelson Asencio

Great Plains

The great plains is a flatland region and it is known for dry grassland and its a common are for tornadoes.I wouldn't be in the great plains because its flatland area and this doesn't really help when a zombie apocalypse is going on and I'm running for my life and the great plains is a common area for tornadoes.The great plains is well flat and I would need to be in a high area so that it could slow down the zombies since they need to climb it but then again it would slow me down because I need to climb it but I would be prepared.

Rocky Mountains

The rocky mountain region is younger and taller than Appalachian mountains,its rugged and pointy and it contains the continental divide.I choose the rocky mountains because like I said I need to be in a area that is really high and the if zombies start climbing then I can just throw rocks at them just.The rocky mountains is away to slowdown the zombies but then again it would slow me down.

Appalachian Highlands

The Appalachian highlands are old eroded mountains,they are the oldest mountains in north america.Like the rocky mountains I need to go where theirs mountains or something high and the best option I had was Appalachian highlands.The Appalachian highlands has old eroded mountains and that could be helpful and easier to climb and like is said for rocky mountains I can throw rocks at the zombies and they can fall.
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