Do you want to stop littering?

Find a good way for you to stop littering.

People today litter and don't know what its doing to their enviroment. Some may want to stop littering but don't know how or what to do. There are actually a lot of ways to prevent littering.

Ways to stop littering

The first thing you should always do when you wan to stop littering is to stop littering yourself. Make sure you always throw your trash away and make sure it actually gets into the trash. A lot of people try to throw away their trash but end up missing and it gathers around the trash can. Make sure you make it into the trash can. That's your first step to a clean enviroment.
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Do you want to stop littering but also have an artistic side? Make posters! You can always make simple posters that say "stop littering" or "littering is bad." It's always easy to put up posters around you're school or in a public park.
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Be a trash terminator! Pick up trash whenever you see it and when you see people littering tell them to stop!
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