Instructional Tech Support

Nicole Johnson & Nicole Quick

What does the role of an Instructional Technology Specialist look like at the secondary level?

Common Planning Time with our School Digital Leadership Team

- Planning period one time in a four day rotation to meet as a DLT
- There are two teams both led by the ITS - minutes are saved for each meeting
- Plan ways to work with faculty on technology implementation
- Can use this time to push into classes instead of meeting

- The new cohort of DLT meets in groups of three once every four days
- ITS attends and leads both DLT common planning groups
- Discuss current focus/needs as it relates to Discovery Education work
- Share new tools/ideas within the team
- Help with planning lessons
- Goal is for team to get more teachers involved outside of the DLT

What does our day to day entail?

Every day is different in order to meet our teachers' needs.
- Planning with teachers during their planning periods.
- Pushing in as a support and extra set of hands.
- Teaching a class how to set up a new tool.
- Co-teaching or modeling a lesson with technology.
You can book me

This webtool makes it easy for teachers to reach you to set up time to meet.

Planning Time vs Co-Teaching

What does planning time with staff look like?

Teachers schedule a time to work with us during their planning periods. Some topics that might be discussed during this time:
- Pedagogy with technology (TPACK)
- Units/lessons of upcoming study and how to incorporate a new web tool/app to enhance student engagement.
- Exploring a new web tool/app together
- Brainstorming ideas of SOS strategies to incorporate
- Individual help with an area of technology that staff may be struggling with.
- Scheduling time to push in to coteach

How does co-teaching with staff look?

- Push into classes to help classes set up a new web tool/app (One Note & Notability).
- Model the use of a new teaching strategy.
- Demonstrate a web tool/app with a class.
- Sometimes we are able to be in one teacher's classes all day, other times modeling it for one class allows the teacher to try it in other classes.


Monthly Newsletters

Below you will find a sample from both the High School and Middle School as to what we send out to our buildings to stay in touch.

2016-2017 Discovery Education Cohort

How to Guides

Part of our role is to help make using technology easier. One way to do this when we are unable to train all of our staff at the same time is to create helpful guides for often used tools that staff can reference on their own time. Some examples are shown below.