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The majority of people in India are Hindus, they belive there are over 33,000 gods!


Hindus belive in many different gods, they are polytheistic and their three main gods are Brahma- creator of universe Vishnu- preserver of the universe Shiva- the destroyer there are over 33,000 less important gods in this religion.
Hindus also belive in karma dharma samsara and moksha.

Karma- the consequence for your actions

Dharma- a set of rules to follow

Samsara- reincarnation

Moksha- a state of bliss and happiness, Hindu heaven

Holy texts

In hinduism there are four differnt holy books, these books are called the Vedas.
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Hindus have many holidays some of them are, Holi, Diwali, and Mahashivaratri


Hindus are vegetarians, that means they don't eat meat. They do this because they belive in reincarnation. So if they eat a cow that cow could be one of their family members or close friends. That is also why the cow is a sacred animal.


Hindu women must wear a sari- it is basicly a skits that must cover all of your legs a short blouse must be worn as well. Men must wear a tunic jacket and trousers.

House of worship

In Hinduism followers worship in a man dir.
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Hinduism was founded by the Aryians about 4,000 years ago in India, that's why so many people there a part of this religion.

But who were the aryians?

The aryians were people that traveled together, they drank, gambled and sang around campfires, it's har to belive that they were the ones that founded this religion!


Days of worship

Hindus worship whenever they want and wherever they want, they have not set a specific time they need to worship their god.


Some Hindu ceremonies are...


Vasant panchami



And teejdi

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