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Washington and California

Introduction on Washington and California

Washington was the 42nd state, named after our first president, George Washington. Its nickname is "The Evergreen State" because of all the evergreen's it grows. It's motto is: Alki, meaning "By and by", coming from the Native American group the Chinook's. Their state song is "Washington My Home", and their state bird is the American Goldfinch. Also, their flower is the Rhododendron macrophyllum, and their state tree is a Tsuga heterophylla.

Califronia was the 31st state (1850), and was named after Queen Califia, a black Amazon warrior. Its nickname is "The Golden state" because of all of the gold that could be found there. Its motto is: Eureka, meaning "I have found it". Their state song is "I Love You, California", and their state bird is the California Quail. Their state flower is the California Poppy, and their state tree is a California redwood.

Washington State Facts

Abbreviation- Wash.

Capital- Olympia

Largest City- Seattle

Area- 71,362 square miles

Population- about 6,585,165

Resident Name- Washingtonian

Washington State physical characteristics

Washington State alone has over 400 islands, most of which located in the county of San Juan. Within the state of Washington there is a mountain range called the Cascade Mountains, and that mountain range has America's largest mountain, Mount St. Helens. Washington's borders are; Canada, Oregon State, Idaho State, and the Pacific Ocean.

A little History of Washington State

Washington became apart of America in 1889 and was named after out first president, George Washington. When Mount St. Helens erupted in 1920's, it was the most deadliest and destructive volcanic event to happen in the history of the United States.

Famous people from washington:

1.Bill Gates, 2. Bill Nye, 3. Ana Gasteyer, and 4. Katherine Heigl.

Economics in Washington

Beef cattle and calves generate about 9% of the state's agricultural revenue.

Aquaculture and chicken eggs are other major livestock products thriving in Washington. Dairy products, comprise Washington's most valuable group of livestock products and account for about 15% of the state's total agricultural receipts. Washington is the #1 apple-producing state, Washington produces about 64% of the nation's apples. Washington also produces wheat (#5 compared to other states) and potatoes (#2 compared to other states).

Califoronia State Facts

Abbreviation- Cali.

Capital- Sacramento

Largest City- Los Angeles

Area- 163,696 square miles

Population- about 39,309,000

Resident Name- Californian

California State physical characteristics

California has 5 bays, The San Francisco bay, The Monterey bay, San Pedro bay, Santa Monica bay, and the San Diego bay. California also has a fault created from diversion, it is called the San Andreas fault and it is roughly 810 miles long.

a little HIstory of California State

California did not become apart of America until 1847 after the Mexican-American war.

Then, after it became a state, that is when the "goldrush" happened, giving many people great fortune. Ever since California became a state in 1850, it is known as the 3rd largest state in America (following Texas and Alaska).

Famous people who are from California:

1. Leonardo DiCaprio, 2. Ben Affleck, 3. Drew Barrymore, and 4. Kesha.

Economics in California

California grows over 200 different crops, including; grapes, almonds, strawberries, oranges and walnuts. Hay, rice, corn, sugar beets, and wheat are also grown in California. California is the second ranked producer of livestock products behind Texas.


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