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Rhymes for Bedtime

Bedtime is the toughest part of the day for little ones. There is no better way to send them off to the land of nod than with a nursery rhyme. Find something to soothe them to sleep from the selections below. Whether you have time for only one or you are giving in to "just one more," we have the right Mother Goose ditty for you.

Mother Goose from Yesteryear

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When you need to find something for story time that your little ones haven't heard before, you may just need to delve back into the archives. This collection of over forty nursery rhymes is one that the great grandparents may recall. Look back on some obscure nursery rhymes like "All Along the Green Gravel" to some that have stood the test of time like "Little Miss Muffet." Pass these gems down, and let them live on. These old rhymes are paired with some beautiful antique drawings in a book that everyone will treasure.


13 Rock-A-Bye Baby (Instrumental) by quinncoleman

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