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Week of November 17, 2014

Principal's Message

The TEI focus for this week is Domain 4.4, Engages in professional community. In order to receive a proficient in this indicator the teacher must collaborate on a weekly basis with colleagues to plan units, share teaching ideas, review student work and progress. The teacher is also expected to establish working relationships with nearly all colleagues in ways that demonstrate integrity, respect, flexibility, fairness, and trust. The teacher should also have a good understanding of the school action plan: consistently participate in implementing aspects of the plan to achieve performance goals.

Our school action plan should serve as our compass not only as we plan our professional development, but also as we plan our grade level activities. The school action plan has 3 key actions that serve as our 3 top priorities. They are:

1. Create a collaborative school culture by vertically aligning the instructional and operational systems

2. Strengthen curriculum alignment through professional development and feedback in Math, Literacy and Science

3. Implement a data driven culture focusing on interventions, progress monitoring and profiling

How are you implementing aspects of our plan to achieve our campus goals? When was the last time you and your team reviewed it for alignment to the team goals and activities you plan?

Have a great week of teaching and learning.

Fall Carnival

This Friday our students and their families have an opportunity to come and celebrate along with all of us as a true school community. These events are few and far between and are one more reason to enjoy being an educator. What other profession offers opportunities to create lasting memories that both our students and their families can share for years to come? When our students and families leave Sudie Williams, what will they say about us? That we cared enough about them to educate them and have high expectations of them? Sure that would be great to hear, but wouldn't it also be great to hear them say that the teachers and staff at Sudie Williams cared so much about them that there were many opportunities to come together and celebrate. Although the Fall Carnival is a required event, I hope you aren't doing it because you have to, but because you love our school and our families enough to make lasting memories and to create lasting relationships. Like Theodore Roosevelt said, " People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care."

Love and Logic

Make plans to review this month's Love and Logic lesson with Mr. Perez this week during collaborative time. He placed it in our boxes last week. Bring it with you to the meeting and come prepared to participate.

Word of the Week

1C Sharing- the act of dividing and distributing something

Please have designated students in the office by 8:00 AM daily.

Quote of the Week:

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Coach's Corner

Knock Out Job!

Thank you Mrs. Tellez, Mrs. Martinez, Ms. Eriksen, Mr, De Francisco, Ms. Curtis, Mr. Cerda, Ms. Fernadez, Mr. Gatlin, Mrs. Galaviz and Mr. Erstrada for participating in the RTI process for struggling leaners. We entered a total of 10 students on Exceed with an intervention plan in place.

Instructional News

Response to Intervention (RTI) is a multi-tier approach to the early identification and support of students with learning and behavior needs. The RTI process begins with high-quality instruction and universal screening of all children in the general education classroom. Struggling learners are provided with interventions at increasing levels of intensity to accelerate their rate of learning.

For RTI implementation to work well, the following essential components must be implemented with fidelity and in a rigorous manner:

  • All students receive high-quality, research-based instruction in the general education classroom.

  • Ongoing student assessment. Universal screening and progress monitoring provide information about a student’s learning rate and level of achievement, both individually and in comparison with the peer group. These data are then used when determining which students need closer monitoring or intervention. Throughout the RTI process, student progress is monitored frequently to examine student achievement and gauge the effectiveness of the curriculum. Decisions made regarding students’ instructional needs are based on multiple data points taken in context over time.

  • Tiered instruction. A multi-tier approach is used to efficiently differentiate instruction for all students. The model incorporates increasing intensities of instruction offering specific, research-based interventions matched to student needs.

  • Parent involvement. Schools implementing RTI provide parents information about their child’s progress, the instruction and interventions used, the staff who are delivering the instruction and the academic or behavioral goals for their child.

    I will continue to meet with teachers on a monthly basis to monitor struggling learners, and examine effectiveness of interventions.


November 17: Reports cards issued/GC Meeting/Reading Vertical PLC

November 18: Happy Birthday Ms. Loarca!

November 18-20: Tutoring

November 19: SBDM meeting @ 5:00

November 20: Committees Meet

November 21: American Indian Pot Luck/Fall Carnival 5:00-8:00

Upcoming Events:

November 26-28 Thanksgiving Break

December 12: Science Projects Due