GMO'S SUCK! (It's my opinion)

Do GMO's harm...well...everything?

Harmful effects on environment

GMOs are genetically modified organisms, that means the food, animals, and other organism's genes were altered to be "better". Let's say tomatoes were altered to be immune to herbicides, or to last longer, and grow quicker. They genetically change them, and it passes on to animals and people which causes diseases and other horrible effects. GMOs suck, they have to be stop making things worse.

  • GMOs cause more herbicide to be used.

An extra 383 million pounds of herbicides were used by farmers on GMOs. This means more toxic herbicides are ending up on plates (GMO foods). So, this doesn't just harm the environment a lot, this harms people a lot too. So, if the environment is hurt, so are the animals in it. Birds, insects, marine animals, and more are being harmed by herbicides. The herbicides pollute the water and make it inhabitable for animals, also monarch butterflies are down 50% in the US

GMO's, good or bad?

  • GMOs harm animals

GMOs harm animals, such as, pigs. Female pigs that were fed GMOs have more diseases. Female pigs that were fed GMOs have 25% heavier uterus's than pigs regularly fed, a sign for diseases. These were farm-fed pigs, not in a science laboratory. Pigs and humans have similar digestive systems, and we eat the pigs, so if we have the same diseases, then we need to do something about it. By GMOs we harm ourselves, the environment, and important animals.

  • GMOs are unhealthy

Many GMOs are unhealthy, the animals we eat may have organ damage, diseases, and other unhealthy side-effects that we consume. GMOs might give us bad materials that stay inside us, leaving harmful, long-term effects. So, GMOs aren't always bad, but many have caused diseases and problems.

Although, most GMOs are bad, there are good GMOs, but GMOs cause more bad than good, the GMOs pollute, harm, sicken, and worsen people, the environment, food, and animals. GMOs need to be stopped and go away.

GMOS SUCK!! (Except for the good ones)

I know you're mad at GMOs now, so, look at this.

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