The Raddatz Review

May 9, 2016 ~~ Mrs. Raddatz


The students just completed a short independent study of an animal or plant. Some students presented today while others will share tomorrow or Wednesday. Many students were very excited to learn about a plant or animal of their choice.

Our next study will be fables and folktales as well as other traditional literature. We will try to pull stories from around the world. If you have any copies of books about any traditional tales we can borrow, please bring have your child bring them in this week. They will be returned, but please label the books with a name to help us keep track.

At the end of the study, the students will be preforming a reader's theater of a traditional tale. Students usually love this!


We will being a quick review and study of the major types of writing we studied each year: opinion, narrative, and nonfiction. It will be a quick review (1-2 weeks per session), but it will help to wrap up the year with third grade writing expectations. Writing in full sentences with correct punctuation is the most difficult task for most students.


We continue to study fractions. We are now working to compare fractions and use the <, >, or = symbols to explain the value of each fraction.

Third graders are also working to explain which fractions have the same value. Drawing a picture (where the "whole" is the same size) or using fractional circles or strips help students to see the fractions as they compare.

Social studies

The social studies entrepreneur project is in full swing. Please see the email from Mrs. Smith (forwarded by me last week) for more details. The students are very creative and excited about this opportunity.