Principal's Notes

March 16, 2015

Skill of the Week: Interrupting Appropriately

Please use the planned teaching strategy to teach the skill of the week during Boystown classes.

Words for March: Constitution, Corporation, Dam, Democracy

Google Classroom Mini - Training w/ David Ashdown: Tuesday 3/24*, 1:45 - 2:45, C Lab

For teachers interested in submitting electronic portfolios, feel free to attend.

All teachers should begin submitting evidence for review and/or feedback.

*Please note the date change

I will be out on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Dick Behrens will cover.

Attendance Procedures

1. Attendance must be taken each period of the day.

2. Substitutes should submit handwritten attendance to the front office at the end of each day. Classroom teacher should input the missed day's attendance upon return.

3. Period 1 attendance is critical. If a student is absent from Period 1 class, the teacher is responsible for determining whether the student is absent from school, or just absent from class. (Contact ALE, Skills, Counselor).

*If the student is absent from school, mark absent.

*If the student is absent from Period 1 class, but present in school, mark absent, then send an email to Keaysie/Kelly indicating the location of the student (ie ALE, Skills, Counseling).

*Counselors can assist with this by contacting the Period 1 teacher if a student is at one of these locations at the start of the day.

4. If a student is absent from class during a period other than Period 1, please select a reason for the absence. Do NOT select Missed Class, as this will trigger an absence letter. Instead, mark the reason for the absence (ie Related Service, Nurse, Field Trip, Skills Room, SPED Class, ISS, Office). Minutes can be adjusted as needed.

*Please note that there is no longer an attendance clerk. All attendance is managed by Kelly Dowd/Keaysie Carpenter

*If a student is marked absent for the day in School Tool, but appears in your class, please notify Kelly/Keaysie so that the error can be resolved.