FSSD Instructional Technology

Newsletter Volume I Issue II (Pre K-4)

Compass + STAR Integration

Renaissance Learning™ and Compass Learning® have joined forces to automate the process of creating differentiated learning paths. We are excited about the ability to now link individual assessment results to digital learning solutions.

Renaissance Learning™ STAR™ assessments and Compass Learning pinpoint each student’s areas of need and automatically generate an individualized learning path to facilitate personalized learning. The Compass Learning/Renaissance Learning partnership leverages a “test translator” to feed STAR assessment data directly into the Compass Learning management system, where it is automatically translated into scale score-aligned personalized learning paths to help students bridge gaps and make faster progress towards mastery of standards-aligned objectives.

At the end of the FSSD benchmark period, the Renaissance Learning™ STAR™ scores will automatically be transferred to Compass using the test translator, creating your students' learning paths. (*Note-any current assignments will remain). This is an outstanding opportunity to provide differentiated practice for your students!

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Featured App: Remind

Remind offers teachers a free, safe, and simple way to instantly text students and parents. Teachers can send/schedule reminders, assignments, or motivational messages directly to students' & parents' phones. Select "featured app" to learn more!

Spotlight on Learning: Math at MES

(Lorrie Graves 2nd Grade)

Students in Lorrie Graves' second grade class used writing, math, and technology in this integrated approach to teaching multiplication. Students learned about arrays during various math lessons. One activity included each child creating a poster to demonstrate understanding of the math standard (shown below). Rather than write the answer to the multiplication problem on their posters, students used the website qrstuff.com to create their own QR codes to show the answer. Then students wrote a four paragraph explanation of what they did and what they learned. Finally, the children invited another class to read their informative writing, solve the problems on their posters, and use the iPads to scan the QR codes to check their answers!

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Featured Website: Kahoot

Kahoot! empowers educators and captivates learners. Through the creation of a trusted learning space, content is delivered by asking questions in real-time, creating a social, fun and game-like environment. Select on "Featured Website" above!

Teacher Tech Tips: Differentiated Instruction

In a classroom filled with various learning styles and a wide range of levels, it can be challenging to meet the needs of each learner. Utilizing instructional technology during small group instruction and individual practice allows students to be engaged in a differentiated manner. Click on the images below to learn how instructional technology can be used to meet the needs of students!
Featured LiveBinder: All Things iPad

This LiveBinder link contains iPad resources, top content apps, as well as suggested apps for teacher use! Click "All Things iPad" to check it out!


Did you know that Wonders has a built-in collaboration tool? Utilizing this option allows your students to collaborate, generate questions for their peers, and provide academic feedback on various topics. To access this feature, select "collaborate" from the main screen. From here, you can create a new topic for students to discuss, similar to a blog post. You can also incorporate additional resources such as articles, images, or videos. Once created, students will be able to access the collaborate feature from their Wonders account.