Customer Boiler Cleaners

Customer Boiler Cleaners: Boiler Repair and Maintenance in Brooklyn, New York

Customer Boiler Cleaners, Inc. of Brooklyn, New York, offers boiler repair and maintenance services to ensure that you get the most of your boiler throughout the entire winter.

Boiler Repair

If your boiler breaks down in the middle of the winter, you are not going to be very comfortable. While it is not recommended that you tackle the job yourself, our boiler repair services can have your system back up and running in no time. Whatever your problem may be, we have the parts and skills to ensure a quality repair and provide for your comfort during harsh Northern winters. Professionally trained, in-house technicians perform all of our work. We provide:

• Tube Replacement

• Welding Repairs

• Boiler Controls

• Installation

• Section Replacement

• Coil Replacement

• Refractory Work

• Boiler Related Plumbing

• Breeching

• Violation Removal

Boiler Maintenance

Our boiler service also offers professional maintenance to help ensure that your boiler operates at peak efficiency throughout the winter - keeping your home or business warmer for less money. Our thorough services ensure that your boiler and boiler room remain free of soot and debris, allowing your boiler to operate at maximum efficiency. Services include:

• Boiler Tubes Brushed

• Combustion Chamber Brushed

• Boiler Doors Brushed

• Inside Walls Brushed

• Chimney Base and

Breeching Cleaned

• Soot, Scale, and Foreign

Particles Vacuumed Using

High-Power Vacuum Trucks