GKMS 7th Grade Weekly Newsletter

Week of October 3rd, 2022

Important Dates/Things to Know:

Friday 10/7 - NO SCHOOL - Institute Day

Monday 10/10 - NO SCHOOL - Columbus Day

Thank you for supporting your students for the Read/Walk-a-thon on Friday. It was a great success!

Mrs. Ewald’s and Mrs. Fowler’s Reading and Language Arts

Students have started the “small-group learning” portion of unit one- Generations. During the next couple of weeks, students will be reading and analyzing various types of texts together, with their small groups. They will continue to apply the texts they read to our unit one essential question, “what can one generation learn from another?” They are off to a great start working cooperatively with their groups!

Mrs. Boyer's Reading Advancement Program

This week we read various articles on space, specifically traveling to Mars. We worked on identifying the main idea and being able to summarize an article. Next week, we are going to read about different sculptures in the world and identify the similarities in these structures. Our reading strategy we will focus on will be making inferences. We will make inferences on some short pieces of text, and then we will apply that to our Achieve 3000 articles. The students’ Lexile levels have been adjusted as of October 1st, so please ask your student to show you their progress.


Our first CSAs have been completed on Rational Numbers. Next week Accelerated 7 students will continue working with Real Numbers. Our main focus will be on Irrational Numbers, Comparing and Ordering Real Numbers, and Square and Cube Roots.

Grade 7 students will begin our next Topic on Ratios and Proportional Reasoning. Most of next week will consist of students working with ratios, rates, and unit rates.


Students did a great job on their presentations this week! We will finish up Chapter 3 next week by taking a quiz (CFA) about the 13 colonies. Then, we will spend the rest of the week starting Chapter 4, Life in the Colonies. In this chapter, we will be looking at images that show what life was really like in the 13 colonies. Then, we will look at newspaper headlines from the time period and determine if they are true, or possibly an exaggerated account of what life was like.


Students will be finishing up their microscope mini-unit at the beginning of next week with a CFA. We will then be moving into our next core unit: Metabolism. In this unit, students will learn about different molecules humans and how cells use those molecules to make energy.

Thank you for your continued support and communication! We can truly succeed by all working together.