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Testing Design Schematic-STAAR Test Design Schematic by grade level and Reading Performance Level Descriptors

STAAR Resources-STAAR Blueprints and Assessed Curriculum

STAAR Writing Resources-Scoring Guides, Writing Rubrics, Testing Schematics, Performance Level Descriptors

Released STAAR Exams-2013-2015 STAAR Test Forms and Answer Keys

Region X STAAR Resources

VAD-Vertical Alignment Document

Question Stems-use the Question Stems to Target SEs

Reading/Writing Connection Charts-Wondering which reading SEs to teach with which writing SEs? These charts will help!

Reading & Writing STAAR Analyses-Region X's STAAR Item Analysis Reports

STAAR Writing Rubrics-Expository, Persuasive, and SAQ Rubrics

Test Analysis Study Guide-Helpful questions to help focus on low SEs