Individual Crisis Management Plan


Who- All students

Name: Last Name (space) First Initial (space) ICMP (space) school year

How To/Helpful Hints-

· New students will need one completed when they arrive.

· The information can be found on the intake, which will be provided by the records department or designated teacher.

· Client ID can be found in the ODIS system

· Coping skills must include ones checked on intake form and can include teacher added ones.

· Safety Concerns

o What concerns are there for the student?

§ Medication, aggressions, influenced, etc

· Current Issues/Potential Triggers

o What can increase the behaviors?

§ Talking about family, individuals not following directions, being redirected, etc

· Behaviors of Concern

o What behaviors are behaviors that can affect others or themselves

§ Biting, self-harming, aggression ,etc

· Review of contraindications

o Yes

· Contraindications

o What applies to the student?

§ If it applies select yes and explain

§ If it does not apply select no

· Pre-Crisis

o What happens behavior the student begins the crisis stage? What does it look like and what is the best way to respond

· Trigger

o What are warning signs that the student is being triggered? What does it look like and how should staff respond

· Escalation

o What does it look like when the student begins to escalate? What can staff do to support the student?

· Outburst

o What happens during the outburst? What does it lok like and what can staff do to support the student?

o Outburst should include a line that states “If client becomes a danger to themselves or others, implement restraint per DCI” if this is applicable to the student.

· Recovery section should include a statement that states “staff should attempt to complete a Life Space Interview” it should also include what helps the student return to baseline

· Contraindications

o If selected previously then STSM measures need to be completed.

o In this section what should be done during this time should be filled in under STSM Measures

§ EX- client has a medical concern due to medication- Measures is client should be monitored closely due to taking psychotropic medication

o Sign under primary Clinician

o If this is a review and not a new ICMP then select a date at the end.

o Turn in completed ICMP to the Principal