Fashion Marketing Campaigns 2015

Annie Medding


Topshop did an excellent job of promoting their fashion week on social media this year. They also used social media to have people tweet in their outfits using the hashtag #TopshopWindow and gathered all of the images to display them on a large screen in Oxford England. Through social media Topshop was able to successfully promote their business


Gap successfully increased their sales by teaming up with Groupon to offer their customers better deals on their products and to get people in the door. About 441,000 groupons were sold bringing on over 11 million dollars in profit. Gap promoted their sales through social media accounts such as Foursquare to gain customer awareness of their discounts

Forever 21

With 1,474,190 on Instagram, the fast-fashion retailer's focus on image-heavy, fashion-blogger-loving Instagram makes sense for connecting with its audience of digital natives. Girls and women are able to share their own fashion sense with the company as well as see what new products and styles are available to them.

Louis Vuitton

One of the first pure luxury brands to make its way onto several platforms, Louis Vuitton is great at conveying its message through the more casual lens of the web. The company's ongoing "Art of Travel" campaign serves itself particular well to social media.


Always the first to market, Burberry is on everything from Google Plus to Instagram video. And the brand, which prides itself on technical innovations on- and offline, is careful to create the right content for the right platform. On Instagram, you'll find lots of product shots, while Facebook focuses on video.