Writer's Tool Box

Medlin Writing Non-Negotiables

1. Write in complete sentences -- no sentence fragments or run-on sentences

2. Indent each paragraph.

3. Write sentences with proper subject/verb agreement.

4. Write in a consistent verb tense throughout compositions.

5. Edit using the CUPS method.

C Use correct capitalization.

a. all proper nouns

b. the pronoun “I”

c. the first letter at the beginning of a sentence

d. the first word and all important words in titles

U Employ proper usage of the following homonyms:

a. to, two, too

b. were, where, wear, we’re

c. there, their, they’re

d. your, you’re

e. our, are

P Use correct end punctuation.

a. a period at the end of declarative and imperative sentences

b. a question mark at the end of an interrogative sentence

c. an exclamation mark at the end of an exclamatory sentence

d. an apostrophe only to show possession or to form a contraction

S Follow the rules of spelling.

a. use a dictionary, spell-check, or peer editing when appropriate

b. absolutely no “text language” or non-standard abbreviations (i.e.: ‘cause/cuz, lol, u, i, ur, ima, 2, gonna, wanna, kinda, etc.)

Papers that do not meet these basic standards will not be accepted. Students may incur late penalties in these errors are not corrected prior to deadline.


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