"Wow I'm Twelve too let's meet up!"


Kelly from london

when you are talking on Facebook, Twitter or any other email in general make sure your safe don't be talking to Kelly from London when she says "hey we have so much in common lets meet at your place where is that then"

We have provided a translation for you.

"wow you sound great allow me to kidnap you just give me your address and i'll wait outside."

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Where shall i meet you Kelly?

75% of children would be happy to share pictures and personal information about themselves on the net. Around 4,500 cases of internet predatory was reported last year when Kelly Says "what school do you go to hey i'll get my dad to pick you up and you can come over"


"Hey where can i find you I'll pick you up and get you into my car then i'll take you home lock the doors and you wont get out what do you say?"

on the other hand

they could be okay maybe they just happen to go to the same school as you and you haven't met properly. take precaution anyway hope this helped. By James Tree