F. Scott Fitzgerald

by Christen McLean

My Biography:

I was born of September 24, 1896 to Edward and Mary Fitzgerald. I was a smart kid, honest, I went to Princeton University in 1913 but I dropped out in 1917 to join the military. I didn't want to disgrace my family. Luckily, I never saw any action besides training because right when I was about to go overseas they told me that the war was over and I could go home. I was discharged in 1918. I wrote my first novel This Side of Paradise and published it on March 26, 1920, married the love of my life, Zelda Sayer, and I published The Great Gatsby in the April 1925.

The Best of the 1920's and the Worst of the 1920's

Personally, I believe that the best of the 1920's was when I got married to Zelda, when I wrote my most famous books, and when my daughter, Frances Scott Fitzgerald.

The worst of the 1920's for me was when I wrote a play that didn't go to great, my wife and I began fighting a lot, and we both became heavy drinkers.

The accomplishments that I had that made me famous were The Great Gatsby and This Side of Paradise along with several short stories.

How I'm Going to be Remembered&The Legacy of the 1920's

I believe that I'm going to be remembered as a great writer because of The Great Gatsby because it was my biggest piece, but also as a not very friendly person because of how much I drank.

I know for a fact that the legacy of the 1920's is the writers and the music of our time. It should be remembered in American History because it was the turning point of America and it helped create a stronger bond between everyone, no matter what race.