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As we celebrate our first anniversary, we can not thank our panelists enough...they have been the inspiration, support, and driving force of The Cure Panel Talk Shows. They have given the discussions time, knowledge, direction, and invaluable perspective. THANK YOU!

It's Anniversary time at The Cure Panel Talk Show

It's been a wonderful year at Cure Panel Talk Show. Launched in August 2012, The Cure Panel Talk Show has come quite a way this last year. From hosting monthly discussions on Multiple Myeloma, Cure Panel Talk Show now hosts discussions on a wide range of topics including, Prostate Cancer, Mental Health, Yoga, Cancer and Nutrition, and Health Tech, we also host a very active Live On-Air Myeloma Support Group which meets every month.

The coming year will see Cure Panel launch talk series on Breast Cancer, Diabetes, Brain Cancer, Young Adult Cancer Survivors, and Lung Cancer.

We could not have come this far without your trust and faith in us. Thank you! and

STAY TUNED! to the Cure Panel Talk Show! We will continue to bring you the latest conversations with eminent doctors/scientists and bridge the gap between research and information.

Priya Menon

Scientific Media Editor

About The Cure Panel Talk Show

The Cure Panel Talk Show is organized by CureTalk, a blog dedicated to discussing the future of medicine and the latest treatments under development. Cure Panel Talk Show is a series of monthly conference calls that will feature leading medical experts in conversation with patients/bloggers/researchers/health consumers. The panel will discuss latest cures under development of a given condition like Myeloma, Prostate Cancer.

CureTalk is a blog of, an online platform to connect patients to clinical trials of new treatments.