Lone Survivor

By: Marcus Luttrell and Patrick Robinson

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This is a picture of some of the men who died during operation Red Wings.

Starting his life

Growing up, Marcus was taught how to work hard. His father taught Marcus and his brother Morgan to respect authority. He taught them to swim and how to take care of their farm. Growing up, Marcus knew that he wanted to be a U.S.A Navy SEAL. He asked his neighbor, who was a Green Beret, to train him to become a Navy Seal. The other boys in the town joined Marcus and started training with Billy Shelton. Because of this, Marcus was the best trained before attending Bud/s. Marcus completed Bud/s and became a SEAL on SEAL team 10.
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This is Marcus Luttrell after completing Bud/s and becoming a Navy Seal.

Operation Red Wings

Operation Red Wings was a mission to capture or kill an Al Qaeda leader. It took place in Afghanistan in the mountains of the Hindu Kush. The operation was to send four SEALs to capture or kill Ahmad Shah. The SEALs who were sent were Marcus Luttrell, Danny Dietz, Matthew Axelson, and Michael Murphy. During the operation, when the SEALs were hiding in the trees, three shepherds found them and the SEALs were faced with a tough decision: kill them or let them go. After the SEALs let them go, the shepherds told the Taliban where the SEALs were. Danny, Matt, and Mikey were killed, leaving Marcus alone to fight the Taliban by himself. One of the villagers found Marcus , bleeding and dying, and took him back to the village. The villagers protected him because of a tribal belief called Pashtunwali, a code that means that hospitality and protection must be given to anyone who needs it. The villagers contacted the U.S. Armed Forces and they sent SEALs and Green Berets to get Marcus out of there.

Danny Dietz

Danny Dietz played a key role during operation Red Wings. He was switched with Shane Patton at the last second for the mission. He lived with his wife Maria Dietz and his two dogs a Bull Mastiff and an English Bulldog. He got shot many times and kept on fighting. Danny was the first to die in the Hindu Kush. Danny Dietz was a strong warrior who died fighting for his country.
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This is Danny Dietz. He fought hard to keep his brothers alive.

Michael Murphy

Mike Murphy was the team leader. He was a strong fighter and Marcus's best friend. He gave the order to let the shepherds go. He was engaged to Heather Duggan. As the men stood behind the rocks with hundreds of Taliban soldiers firing bullets at them, Mike gave Marcus his last magazines and took the satcom to a cliff edge where he called in the QRF (Quick Reaction Force) to get Matt and Marcus help. He was killed on top of that cliff when he was calling for help for the team. Lieutenant Michael Murphy gave his life for Matthew Axelson and Marcus Luttrell.
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Lieutenant Michael Murphy gave his life to save Matthew Axelson and Marcus Luttrell by radioing in to the QRF.

Matthew Axelson

Matt Axelson was the last hero of the SEAL team to die during operation Red Wings. He was badly injured by an RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) and he kept fighting. With his machine gun out of ammo, he switched to his hand gun. He sat there with Marcus. Matthew Axelson lived with his wife Cindy. Matt was best friends with Marcus's twin brother Morgan. Matt was shot many times and continued to fight. Matthew Axelson fought to the death to protect our country.
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Matthew Axelson fought to protect his country and helped Marcus Luttrell survive.