artemis A.K.A Diana

Description: Wears a short tunic that goes to her knees, wears flat heeled sandals on her feet, Has a quiver full of arrows on her back and a bow in her hand. Also might be wearing a belt with a hunting knife or a dagger hanging off of it.

Age: Ageless, She was immortal

wanted for: For "accidentally" killing Orion, Killing half of Niobe's kids, And turned Actaeon into a stag- His own dogs tore him to pieces while she watched.She killed Chione, Princess of Pokis, with an arrow for bragging she was prettier than she.

presumed dangerous:presumed dangerous because of her killing of Orion the famous hunter, Everyone thought that she was too much to handle so with all that hatred she became stronger and even more of a hunter and killer of god's created creatured.

Known associates: Her numphs, fellow gods and goddesses, the rare male hunter she approves of.

Location: Last seen in her temple near the ancients city of ephesus.


If found please return to larissa villanueva in Mrs.Driver and Mrs.B's ELA room.