Bobbie Jo Memorial Scholarship

Silent Auction in the HUB May 11th and 12th

About Bobbie Jo Mattice

Bobbie Jo Mattice was a graduate of the GHC Human Services program. Before coming to the college, she worked in the mills for most of her life and would often say that she did “men’s work.” After a layoff, Bobbie Jo decided to go back to school. She was a very smart and driven student with a lot of enthusiasm and energy for her education and life. Those who knew Bobbie Jo called her a real “spitfire.”

In her second year in the program, she was approaching the end of her internship and was likely to be hired. She had stated that she had finally made it into office work. In the last quarter, Bobbie Jo was diagnosed with cancer. Within two weeks of her diagnosis, Bobbie Jo passed away. With enough credits to graduate and the students of her class coming together to finish her last paper, Bobbie Jo earned her degree. Her diploma was presented to her children at the graduation ceremony.

Students in the Human Services program are raising money in Bobbie Jo's honor for a memorial scholarship that will be awarded to a second year Human Services student. Please consider bidding on the items below to help the Human Services Club to reach their $1,000 goal.

Silent Auction

Where: HUB

When: Monday, May 11th and Tuesday, May 12th

Time: May 11th 9am to 2pm, May 12th 9am to 2pm

Auction Items

Coffee Basket- This basket will include 2 bags of artisan roasted coffee as well as a few extra goodies.

Lunch With The President- The winner will choose a guest and have lunch with Dr. Ed Brewster at a restaurant of the president’s choice.

Bird Houses- Custom made bird houses built by the GHC carpentry class.

Cord Of Firewood- Cut, split and stacked.

Lawn Care Packages- Will include weed-eating around the perimeter of the yard and mowing.

Spirit Pack- This will have an assortment of items. Courtesy of the book store.

Oil Change- One standard oil filter and up to 5 quarts of conventional oil, as well as the oil change will be provided.

Theatre Pack- Two tickets to GH Symphony Orchestra and GH Civic Choir along with a bottle of wine, two glasses and some chocolate. Courtesy of student services.

Human Services

Program Instructor/Advisor:

Chandra Miller-Starks (360) 538-4097

Students usually come into the Human Services program with the idea that they want to work helping other people in some capacity. This idea often comes from a sense that they have an ability to understand the feelings of others, have been often looked to by friends and family as someone who would be willing to listen and as someone who cared.

Human Services students are often people who have had some difficult times and experiences themselves and from those experiences have come to value the worth of the individual and the meaning of being human. They bring to the program a desire to grow as a person, to learn and to develop skills for helping others.