Buddy Bench

by 4th Grade

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What is it?

The Buddy Bench idea was started by an 8 year old boy named Christian, who lives in PA. He had a great idea to have a bench on the playground designated for students who aren't sure who to play with, who to talk to, or who just want to assess a situation before joining in a group. He called it the "Buddy Bench", a place to meet new friends or old friends.

What did we do?

The 4th Graders worked with their teacher, Mrs. Scott, and their art teacher, Mrs. Seltzer to design and create 2 Buddy Benches for our playground. They decided that they to wanted to promote Kindness not only within our school but on our playground.

The students incorporated symbols and colors of Chesterbrook Academy on their benches. They also incorporated our school pledge! They want all of the students to remember to Be Respectful, Be their Best, and Be a Lion even on the playground through spreading kindness and empathy towards others.

The 4th graders presented the Buddy Benches at PRIDE time. They performed skits, sang songs, and discussed the guidelines. The students also shared the rules of the Buddy Bench with the whole school signed.

The 4th graders are excited for the new initiative of our Buddy Benches which as a whole will promote a Culture of Kindness and to make all of kinder selves!

The 4th Graders Presenting at PRIDE Time

Buddy Bench Rules

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