Community Spirit


What is Community Spirit?

Community Spirit is an organization that devises events in order to raise awareness of numerous charities based in Liverpool. Through these events, as well as raising awareness of the charities, they also aim to strengthen the bonds within the community. We believe that a community should support each other and always keeps a social bond, but they should also think about others in the world who are not as fortunate and aim to help them. This is the idea that lead to the concept of a charity event.

Community Spirit Event 2015!

Sunday, April 5th, 10am-5pm

Newsham Park, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Liverpool, England

Message To The Charities

There is room for six charities at the event hence there are six pitches that can be purchased. The price per pitch is £52 (negotiable) and can be purchased by contacting the links below. All information about sizes and prices can be talked through these contact links to an official member of the Community Spirit event management.
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