OVS Back-to-School

Beginning of the Year Information

Welcome to Omaha Virtual School!

I'd like to introduce myself as we will be working closely this year to ensure the success of our learners. If there is anything that I have learned through this pandemic, it is patience. We are patiently waiting information as we plan for the fall. This newsletter will provide you with the information that we are certain of so far. We are still waiting information on a few items that will provide clarity for you on the first few weeks of school. Please look for similar newsletters in the coming weeks as we work to prepare you and your learner for the fall.


We are still accepting applications for the fall. We currently have 300 students registered and have room for more. If you are aware of a family who is interested in applying, please have them do so soon!!!

Our program will remain BLENDED and require in-person, weekly class sessions. In this newsletter, K-8 families will find a link to sign up for their weekly session.


We have hired new staff for the fall and they are amazing! We will be introducing them to you in the coming weeks via social media and in our newsletters. Please follow us today on Facebook and/or Twitter as another way to stay connected with us throughout the school year.

Getting better every year

As a new, innovative program we strive to learn from each year to improve our practices in order to improve our learner's experience. We have adopted some changes this year that we hope will help support our learners focus on learning and feel a more personalized approach to their learning. One example is our Community Academic Recovery Lab. Please read more at the bottom of this newsletter in our "Handbook Sneak Peek."

We are better together

Our community is growing and we are growing stronger. Thank you in advance for supporting us as we support you and your learner(s).

Here's to a healthy school year!

Back-to-School Night

Back-to-School Night is a chance for families to come up and see classrooms, meet teachers and classmates, and drop off school supplies for the year. We are excited to connect with our learners and families, so mark your calendars:

Back-to-School Night

Thursday, August 12

5:30-7:00 pm

K-5th grade families enter through the main TAC building doors and take the elevator to the 4th floor. Take a left off the elevators.

6-12th grade families enter through the Career Center doors on Burt Street. (Map below)

(If you have learners in both elementary and secondary, you will need to walk outside to each entrance.)

Big picture

In-Person Learning Session Sign Up (Kg-8th graders)

Learners attend the same session per week, so they are able to establish friendships with their classmates. Please review the below session offerings to determine which is best for your learner.

Click on the sign up link below to reserve your spot. Once a session is full, it will be closed, so be sure to sign-up early.

K-5th grade In-Person Session options (PICK ONE):

Mondays 8:50-11:55 AM

Tuesdays 1:00-4:05 PM

Wednesdays 8:50-11:55 AM

Thursdays 1:00-4:05 PM

6th-8th grade In-Person Session options (PICK ONE):

Tuesdays AM 7:40 AM-11:10 AM

Tuesdays PM 11:30 AM-3:05 PM

Thursdays AM 7:40 AM-11:10 AM

Thursdays PM 11:30 AM-3:05 PM

Click here: Face-to-Face Sign Up

If you are looking to coordinate for carpooling with another family, please make those plans before you sign up for a day.

In-Person Learning (High School)

High school learners are on site for one full day, once per week. We will have lunch while they are here. Learners can pack a lunch or we will have district boxed lunches available.

High school days are assigned by grade level:

  • Mondays, 7:40-3:05 PM; 10th grade
  • Wednesdays, 7:40-3:05 PM; 9th grade
  • Fridays, 7:40-3:05 PM; 11th and 12th grade

Recommended School Supplies

See the suggested school supply list below. If you need any materials provided for your learner(s) please let your teacher know.


  • 1-pocket folder for home to school communication

For student use in classroom:

1-Pencil Box (for classroom use)

1-Box of 24 Crayons



4-black dry erase markers

1-pair of scissors


  • 1-pocket folder for home to school communication

For student use in classroom:

1-Box of 24 Crayons


1-Small Bottle of glue


4-Wide ruled notebooks (blue, purple, green, and red)

1-Pencil Pouch (no boxes please)

4-black dry erase markers

1-pair of scissors

1-1.5" black 3 ring binder with pockets and a clear view spot on cover


  • 1-pocket folder for home to school communication

1-package of cardstock, color or white (community use)

1- Wide Ruled Notebook (for classroom use)

6th-8th grade: Middle school--The below supplies are for individual learners to bring to class weekly, for in-class work.

1-Spiral notebook



Pens or Pencils

Pencil Box/Pouch

Post It Notes (standard size)

2-highlighers different colors

High School

Notebook and writing utensil for individual use


Omaha Virtual School follows the Omaha Public School's calendar. Click here for the newest version of the district calendar.

Parent teacher conferences are held on the same dates for all learners (K-12th grade). This year OVS will hold parent teacher conferences on the weeks of:

  • October 4th (no school for learners October 7th and 8th)
  • February 28th (no school for learners March 3rd and 4th)

OVS Website

Please bookmark our website and take a look around. Families can get the answers to many of their questions, including K-8 course loads by grade, high school course catalog, the student handbook, links to the weekly newsletter, and more!


A Note from Mrs. Donnelly and Contact Changes

OVS families,

My last day with OVS will be July 30th. It has been a pleasure to work with our OVS families and staff since 2017. I put together a list of people to contact in an attempt to make the communication process easier for both families and staff. Until my replacement is in place, the best way to reach OVS will be via email. Please note that Mrs. Kuhn, our counselor, is now out on leave through 1st quarter.

Here is a breakdown of the best people to contact for your questions:

Dr. Loewenstein:wendy.loewenstein@ops.org

Email Dr. Loewenstein regarding OVS questions of a more urgent nature. This would include issues with K12 registration, high school course changes, and program questions.

Mr. Eversoll: gregory.eversoll@ops.org

Email Mr. Eversoll if you need to withdraw from OVS or have questions about OPS placement

Mrs. Nommensen: sarah.nommensen@ops.org

After August 9, email Mrs. Nommensen with questions about orientation and onboarding, as well as questions about the new CARL and Executive Functioning University programs mentioned below.

Virtual School Mailbox: virtualschool@ops.org

Email for general questions that are not time sensitive. This will be answered by OVS staff every few days.

OPS Student Information Services: enrollment@ops.org

Email Student Information Services about any issues with Infinite Campus Parent, including outstanding documentation such as immunizations, physical exams, proof of residence, birth certificate, etc.

Thank you for your patience with OVS/OPS staff in this time of transition. Many of them are doing the jobs of 2 or 3 (or more) people. I wish you all a wonderful 2021-22 school year!

-Brooke Donnelly

Handbook Sneak Peek

Academic Supports and Expectations

Pacing Expectations

Learners are expected to stay on pace within each week. The pacing guide provides guidance on daily work recommendations. Learning progress will be evaluated every Thursday. Engagement supports will be communicated every Friday, which entails required on-site attendance.

Engagement Supports (Multi-tiered Systems of Support-Engagement (MTSS-E)

  • Community Academic Recovery Lab (CARL)
  • Community Academic Recovery Lab Intervention (CARLi)
  • Executive Functioning University (EFU)
  • Academic Probation (AP)

Community Academic Recovery Lab (CARL)

  • Audience: Middle/High School

Learning Facilitators will enter “soft” zeros in the K12 gradebook every week on Thursdays for coursework that has not been completed according to the pacing guide. The zeros will show up as “M” for missing in the gradebook. This is to ensure that learners have an accurate understanding of their grade and progress. These zeros are placeholders and will be replaced with full-credit once coursework is completed.

If learners have not completed their coursework for the week and/or are earning an in-progress grade (IP) equivalent to “D” or “F” they will be required to attend the Community Academic Recovery Lab, every day the following week for half-day sessions. Attendance is required and absences will be recorded if the learner does not attend.

Community Academic Recovery Lab Intervention (CARLi)

  • Audience: K-5th grade

If a K-5 learner is one or more weeks behind in two (2) or more courses by the Thursday of each week, the learner and learning coach will be notified on Friday. The following week, the learning coach will meet with an OVS staff member during the learner's on-site time to develop a plan and set goals for student learning. Weekly follow-up meetings may occur based on need.

Executive Functioning University

  • Audience: K-5th grade

Learners and Learning Coaches will attend during CARL and meet with an OVS staff member. During this time, the learning coaches will be guided through creating lesson plans and providing supports for their learners. All K12 curriculum for Reading and Math will be completed on site during this time.

  • Audience: Middle/High School

Learners will meet with OVS staff members daily to learn and practice the executive functioning skills of: goal setting, reflection, time management, and motivation/starting tasks. This takes place at the beginning of CARL each day.

Academic Probation (AP)

  • Audience: K-12th grade

If a learner is not attending Community Academic Recovery Lab or a learning coach is not attending Community Academic Recovery Lab Intervention and/or progress is not evident in two weeks, the learner will be recommended for academic probation.

At a mandatory meeting, the learning coach, learner, and instructional facilitator will meet to determine a plan with additional supports that need to be in place for the next two weeks for progress to be made.

Academic probation required supports:

  • Attendance to Community Academic Recovery Lab
  • Participation in Executive Functioning University during CARL.

Failure to follow the established plan, attend Academic Recovery Lab, and Executive Functioning University, a Student Assistance Team meeting will be called and a mandatory reassignment to the learner's neighborhood school may ensue.


Next week, you will receive an email from OVS Synergy, our PTO group. You will all be invited to the first PTO meeting of the year on Thursday, July 29th at 10:30 AM. This will be held on Teams. The link will be sent next week.