Need a Safe Indicator for Home ?

Well, how about Welch's Grape Juice?

Why use Grape Juice?

Using real indicators in a home or classroom setting is pretty dangerous. Things could explode, make fire alarms go off, and give everyone a generally bad day.

You don't want to be that person!

Grape juice is a far better option for testing things, it's a good drink, and a safe alternative.

Why do you need an indicator?

Take this situation. There are three unlabeled glasses: One with vinegar, one with water, and one with soapy water. They're all going to taste pretty bad, but if you need to drink one, water is by far the best choice.

By adding grape juice to each glass, you can tell which is safe.

By adding Grape Juice, you can tell that the glass in the middle is by far the safest. The glass on the right changed to a violet colour, indicating a basic solution, and the glass on the right changed to scarlet, indicating an acidic solution. The pink solution in the middle is neutral, and safest to consume.

Don't be a Prehistoric Pete...

A prehistoric Pete would have just drank from any glass...