Hello September!

Who's ready to rock their Fall?

Hi Team!

I'm super excited to back to our school year routine! My kids started school Tuesday & I'm ready to dive in to our biggest months of the year- September through December!! It's the time of year to set the bar high, book a few more shows than other months, bring along seasonal stylists and go for the next BIG promotion! If not now, when?

How do you envision your Fall?

If you picture yourself sitting down for your holiday dinner with your family, how do you envision your end of the year looking? Will you be a STAR Stylist, an Associate Director, a consistent Stellar Seller? Think about what you want your business to look like.. then make it HAPPEN! How? It's simple and anyone can do it! The key is not a secret- it's just to DO IT! The simplest and easiest way to reach any goal you set is to follow the 2242. If you haven't embraced it yet- I promise you it will change your business if you are consistent.
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Napa in January! Who's in?

If you are thinking- there's no way I can promote to Associate Director by the end of the year....think again! Here is a story I read on our leader page- read it and get inspired- and know that ANYTHING is possible if your why is bigger than your fear. Then put your plan in place to make it happen! I'm here to help anytime & so is your upline leader- so reach out! That's what we are here for!!

"We have so many examples of success stories but the one that is super clear over the past 90 days is that of Team Helm. In May, Jessa Helm went on her first Glam trip as a Stella & Dot Stylist in her first year. At the time, she had 24 stylists on her team, she was the only leader and had just finished April with team sales of $21,000+. She even doubted if she would earn Jamaica. Guess what she did after a few inspiring days? She took massive action. She booked shows, she shared her love and excitement for S&D and by the end of May her team was 25 stylists all taking action and they hit $36,000+ in sales. The momentum was building. In June, they more than doubled their team to 62 stylists and $54,000+ in sales and she promoted her first Star and became an Associate Director team. In July the 3 leaders traveled to S&D Hoopla and on family vacations. During this traditionally quiet month they grew to 72 stylists and $80,000+ in volume. Today they are closing out their month with 85 on their teams, almost $90,000 in sales and 13 leaders! Director volume accomplished. Her legs? 1 Associate Director, 1 star, 2 senior stylists, 8 associate stylists and 1 lead with more promotions likely over the next 12 hours. When the stars align and another month or two, you will see this team hit Director and even Senior Director ($150,000) volume. It didn't happen overnight. During 90 days, June-Aug this team went from 25 stylists to to 85. That is 60 new stylists and a team super close to 100K in 3 short months! Did she earn Jamaica??? Um... YES!!! A trip for 2" LADIES!!! Let me say loud and clear- Jessa is just like any of us.... she is a mom of 3 children- she doesn't have any magic- but I can tell you this? How did she do it? She focused and put all those naysayers on the back row- if you aren't achieving success I can tell you it is most likely the voices in your head telling you- you are too pushy- those ladies don't like me- what if they talk about me.... I am here to tell you all of these things are what is holding you back! Do people think I am pushy- maybe... do I care? NO! Do ladies not like me? Probably!!! Do I care? NO! Do people talk about me... I can say YES for SURE- good and bad! Do I care? NO! Who matters? I matter to myself and I run my life the way I WANT TO LIVE IT! Stella and Dot has taught me to take the high road- live with class and grace- DREAM BIG- focus and don't let obstacles get in your way! Reading this story about Jessa Helm inspired the living crap out of me today and I am here to say this... HOLD ON TO YOUR SEAT BELTS because if she can do this..... WE CAN ACHIEVE EXACTLY THE SAME!!! Who is ready to make this FALL one you will NEVER FORGET!!"

I believe in you enough for both of us! So let's rock this Fall! xo Suz

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