Reimbursement Deadline

April 30 extended to Monday, May 2

Did you miss turning in your receipts?

If you didn't have a chance to turn in your receipts for Jan-Apr yet, this is good news for you. Since the reimbursement deadline of April 30 technically falls over the weekend, you can still turn in your receipts on Monday, May 2. This includes Jan-Apr internet.

Need to pay for anything in May or June?

Remember, the only way we can reimburse you for anything between May and June is if you submit an Encumbered Funds form to us by May 2 so that we can set aside those funds for you.

These expenses may include:

  • Summer camp in June
  • PE classes
  • Music lessons
  • Anything with dates/times

These expenses would not include:

  • Supplies
  • Paper/ink
  • Curriculum

These types of items must be purchased and reimbursed by the May 2 deadline. Curriculum for 2016-2017 can be reimbursed after July 1.

Exception: We do not need to encumber funds for May-June internet since those funds are separate from family allotments. The receipts for May-June internet and any Encumbered receipts are due June 10.