My Dream Vacation

By: Zoelie Leims

The Bahamas

My destination is located in North America.

I want to visit this place because it looks fun:)

The Bahamas is great because it has an ocean and it has Atlantis

10 Facts

  • 1. The population is almost 400,000 people. The largest city is Nassau with about 240,000 people, located on the island of New Providence. Following Nassau is Freeport, West End, Coopers Town, Marsh Harbour, and Freetown.
  • 2. Consisting of a chain of islands, there are more than 700 in total. The Bahamas is located southeast of Florida and northeast of Cuba.
  • 3. The official language is English, other languages used include a Bahamian Dialect.
  • 4. The name Bahamas comes from the Spanish words of “baja mar”, meaning shallow water or sea.
  • 5. The original inhabitants of the Bahamas were the taino people, from the 11thcentury AD, believed to have migrated from South America.
  • 6. Junkanoo music is popular, especially during holidays.
  • 7. The currency used is the Bahamian Dollar, BSD. The USD is also commonly accepted.
  • 8. The yellow elder is the national flower .
  • 9. Cuisine in the Bahamas is known for seafood, such as conch, rock lobster, land crabs, stew fish, and salt fish. Other commonly used ingredients include coconut, peas, and dumplings.
  • 10. There are about 1.3 million people that visit the Bahamas every year, about 3 times the resident population.
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I get there by plane with Breiana and Julia. It take about 3 hours. I will be staying at The Ocean West Boutique (which is a very nice hotel).


Shopping: $200

Food: $26

Activities: $345

Gas: $100

Hotel: $250 /night

Airfare: $464 /round trip


I plan on doing a lot of activities such as water parks, spas, historical landmarks, etc.. I have a list of activities but, I am sure I will do more than I wrote down. I did not list the beaches because there are many and I want to try to visit them all.

AquaAdventure Water Park: $123

The Hermitage: Free

Shark Diving: $91

Queen's Staircase: $33

Rosewood at Baha Mar: $100

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