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Bio-Energy Crop Farming: Better Than Any 9 to 5

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Did you know that Georgia has lost over 10,000 small to midsize farms and ranches in the last decade? Farmers now have a new alternative crop to stop farm and ranch loss. Biofuels are renewable domestic energy that can be produced from growing biomass crops, which are tall perennial grasses. Agro-Biomass Co-op can assist new, veteran, and socially disadvantaged farmers to start and grow their own operations. Biomass production helps the rural economy, the environment, and YOUR future. Bioenergy crop farming: a lifestyle better than any 9 to 5.

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On average, you can make an additional $12,000 per year for every 25 acres of biomass crops on your land. When you enroll with Agro-Biomass Co-op, planting and harvesting is even done for you! Biofuel production and manufacturing can revive and sustain small and mid-size farms and ranches. Georgia needs farmers. Georgia needs biomass.

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