The Great Gatsby

The drama has just begun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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are you into books full of drama, relationship affairs, secrets, abuse, and mystery. Then you should consider reading The Great Gatsby.

Sneak Peak

Nicks second cousin daisy Buchanan and her large and aggressive husband Tom Buchanan and Jordon baker a girl who quickly becomes a romantic interest for nick mainly cause she's the only girl around who isn't his cousin try to have an affair with him. Meanwhile tom takes nick out to show off his mistress who is also married to nicks car repair man, George myrtles husband in which he is naive because while she sneaks off to see tom he thinks she is just going to see her sister While tom goes to an adultery sex apartment daisy's names come about from his mistress and he ends up breaking her nose. Nick suddenly keeps thinking about how he may have known Jordon maybe because she problem cheated on a golf tournament Jordon revels her true feeling to nick why makes nick want to leave the girl he is within Chicago. Later Gastby( Daisy's ) ex bf is living down there also and he is so ready to see her when he does he feels embarssed because he hasnt seen her in years.....daisy then feels down because she could've been with him and................................

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Why are you just sitting there. While being bored doing nothing you can be reading the most interesting book of your life if you don't like it your be the first i promise one you start reading you will never want to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!