Rohan Nunugonda's Proposal

A field trip to the Buehlar Science Center.

For those interested in space travel

If you are a student or teacher who is interested in space travel, you should go with me to the Buehlar Science Center.

What is the Buehlar Science Center?

The Buehlar Science Center is a WONDERFUL place. You will learn about space travel, and will go on a simulated space flight. You will use problem solving skills and teamwork skills to solve problems.

What I am planning to do

I want to hold a field trip to the Buehlar Science Center. I am planning to contact Mr. Preville, our school principal, to see if it is okay to hold this field trip. I will also find a way to raise money. Then, sometime around June, I want to go there and go on the simulated space flight and mission.

Why I am doing this?

Space travel has been a passion of mine for the past three years. I want other students to also love space travel or something related to space. The only way I can do this is to expose students to what space travel is like.

thank you for seeing this!!!