Eubank Beagle Builders

Making Simple Machines Simple!

Simple Machines - Lego Style!

The Beagle Builders gathered together to learn about Simple Machines. Students learned about these six simple machines: wedge, pulley, wheel and axle, incline plane, screw, and the lever. We spent our time together experimenting with Discovery Education resources, coming up with our own simple machines rap and creating a Lego Simple Machine Bubble Machine!

Want To See More?

You can find several videos on YouTube that highlight a Lego Crazy Contraption. Here is a link to the video our team watched today before building our own Bubble Blender:
Lego Beaker Blender

Great Resources For You and Your Builder!

We only have a few weeks left before the Jr FLL Expo that will take place on Saturday, February 1st. Our team has decided to focus on Volcanoes as their natural disaster. The team will be working in two groups to build a model on a 15 x 15 inch base plate of a volcano natural disaster. The groups will decide if their model showcases the before, during or after phase of the disaster. All models must incorporate a simple machine and a motorized part.

Here are fun resources you and your child might like to explore between now and the Expo!

Simple Machines.wmv
Bill Nye Simple Machines_0001.wmv

Remember! Beagle Builders Meet EVERY Tuesday 2:00-3:30 in the Eubank Library!