The Dancing Plague of 1518

The Beginning

In July of 1518, one woman named Frau Troffea started dancing violently by herself, with no music, and no facial expressions, in the streets in Strasbourg, France. She appeared to be unable to stop dancing. Soon after her dancing, a neighbor joined, and another.

Fatal Deaths

By the end of the week, more than 30 people joined in the dance, dancing day and night and could not stop either. By the time a month past, more than 400 citizens joined in the dancing. Some people involved started to experience medical problems such as heart attacks, stokes, and exhaustion, resulting in death. Medical and civic authorities said the way for people who got sick, got better, was more dancing.
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Theories and The End

One theory states that the dancing was in result of some religious ecstasy caused by veneration of Saint Vitus, the patron saint of epilepsy. Out of all the theories none of them explain what truly happened. Bit by bit the dancers stopped, but it ended just as mysteriously as it began.

The Salem Witch Trials

The Salem Witch Trials began in 1692, when a groups of young girls were found being "possessed" by the devil, then accused several local women of witchcraft. The whole village begun praying for this spirt to go away.
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If you were accused of witch craft, you would be hanged if you tell the truth and say you're not a witch, but you would live if you lied and said you were. Salem Witchcraft Trials quickly escalated and 100's of people were accused of witchcraft as hysteria spread. Many of the men and women accused of witchcraft spent months in jail without a trial. In just fifteen months hysteria regarding witches and witchcraft spiralled out of control.

The Fatal Ending

100-200 people were arrested, 19 people executed, one man pressed to death, one man was stoned, two dogs were executed as suspected witches.

A comparision

Comparing the two incidents, The Salem which trials all started the same way, with one person. One person saying or doing something then another following along, like the domino effect. Also the fatal endings were similar. They both has very weird, endings. something you would not think would ever happen when you first start reading.
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