OMS 8th Grade Newsletter

Important reminders and upcoming events for 10/17- 10/20

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Scoliosis Training

On Wednesday, October 19 and Thursday, October 20 we will conduct our mandated scoliosis screening for all 7th and 8th grade students. If you do NOT want your child screened, please complete and return the form attached.

Parent Letter

Refusal Form

Savannah Trip Reminders

The Savannah Trip fundraiser is here! For the next two weeks, students can earn $5.00 per card sold to go towards the remaining balance of their trip. Students have received this information in their Georgia Studies class, but please find attached an order form and instructions for your convenience. The due date for all orders (order form and money) is Thursday, October 27th. All questions about the fundraiser should be forwarded to Melissa Sessa, trip coordinator, at

Click here for the link.

Eligibility Policy (8th grade Special Events)

Parents, as a reminder please find attached to this week’s newsletter the 8th grade eligibility policy for field trips, the 8th grade dance and end-of-year picnic. In order to attend these special events, students must not receive the following:

* A student earns 20 or more conduct marks

* Serves 2 or more days of ISS

* Serves 1 Out of School Suspension

* 10 or more absences

We already have several students who have earned multiple conduct marks within the first two weeks of school. Please encourage your child to complete their homework, behave respectfully in class and come to their classes prepared. 8th grade is full of exciting “Senior Privilege” events, and we would like all students to be eligible for these.

Link to Eligibility

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Lunch and Learn

Wednesday, October 24th!

Click here for details!

Forsyth Pilots Your Tool for Good

Impacting a child’s life just became a whole lot faster through Forsyth County’s pilot with Purposity. Using the networking power of text messaging, our school social work team can let you know when a child in our community needs something small, like shoes or school supplies. You just click a link, and through Amazon’s Wish List magic, the item you purchase is in hands of that child in no time. It takes one text, under two minutes and a few clicks to make a difference for a child who might even share a classroom with your own children. So far this school year, Purposity has fulfilled over 100 needs for Forsyth County’s school social workers.

And, you won’t be overwhelmed with needs. You’ll only receive one opportunity a week to make an impact. Visit the Purposity website, put in your cell number and zip, and you’re in. It’s that simple. Then, be sure to let your friends know to visit the site too. We need everyone on board so that this school year no child in our community goes without the essentials!

To join Forsyth’s movement, visit

Picture Retakes

Monday, October 24th

Social Studies

Ms. Sessa:

We will begin to wrap up our study of Georgia’s participation in the American Revolution. Key topics include the independence movement in Georgia, important battles and Revolutionary icons from the colony/state. Students will also receive their independent novel study books and instructions. If a student would like to purchase their own novel, a list of approved titles can be found on itslearning.

Coach Young:

This week we will be testing over chapter 10 and beginning our new unit over the American Revolution.

Ms. Salazar:

Fri 10/14: 3 Governors Open Notes Itslearning Quiz due by midnight.

Mon 10/17: 3 Governors Postcard & Introduction due. Kahoot Review – BYOT.

Tues 10/18: 3 Governors Progress Report due. Ch 10 Test.

*Students have had a lot of class time to work on their 3 Governor’s Activities, including the entire class period Fri 10/14.

After we test on Tuesday, we will begin the American Revolution.


Mrs. Holmes (Advanced):

W will continue our exploration of work, power, and simple machines next week. We will be starting to prepare for our annual Pumpkin Chucking. If you would like to donate a small sized pumpkin to be chucked, please send them in! :)

Mr. McCormack. Mrs. Holmes, an Mr. Kinneer:

Exploring simple machines, mechanical advantage during the week. Monday will be an outdoor lab. Students should dress for cooler weather in the morning. Thursday will be a quiz on simple machines and mechanical advantage.


Ms. Cooper:

All class information (class work, homework, assessments) will be posted on our class website.

Ms. Cooper offers extra help most Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings at 8:15. Please make sure to get a signed agenda pass BEFORE you attend.

Mrs. Wharton, Mrs. Pridgen, Ms. Pitner, Mrs. Lally, and Mr. Bradley:

This week we wrapped up Pythagorean Theorem by using it in 3D models and learning the distance formula. We then dove into volume and learned and applied the formulas to find the volumes for cylinders, cones, and spheres.

We will be having our Unit 2 Summative Test on Tuesday, October 18th. Please make sure your student is prepared by reminding them to study their old quizzes and homework. We will have a Unit 2 Review homework assignment on Monday (Oct. 17) and a Study Session at 8:15 on Tuesday morning (Oct. 18). We highly encourage that student attend this session, especially if they struggle with the review homework!


Mrs. Campos and Ms. Pacheco:

Students have been learning the verb “to be” – ESTAR. They are making great progress in writing and expressing sentences. We will continue next week with one more grammatical concept (verb “to like”- GUSTAR) then finish the unit with a Summative project about Famous Hispanic Scientists. Have a great weekend!

Language Arts

Mrs. Taylor:

We are in full gear with our Scary Tales Unit. This past week we focused on mood and the diction the author uses to create the mood. This week we will read Roald Dahl’s short story “Lamb to the Slaughter.” Students will focus on irony and the different types of irony that can be used in literature. Students will also have time during our early release days to begin working on their film assignment. Please check ITS learning for further resources and information.

Mrs. Barrett, Mrs. Cawley, Mrs. Pridgen, Mrs. Lally, and Mr. Bradley:

This week, we began looking at all parts of a short story. There will be a quiz on Monday over the information we have covered. Next week, we will begin our first “strange and mysterious” story, “Monkey’s Paw”. We will work on identifying and discussing the tone, mood, theme, types of irony, and parts of the plot diagram.


Mrs. Wilbourne:

Check itslearning for updates.