Thursday's Thoughts

April 20, 2017

Rise and Shine

We are on the hunt for engaged students! We are trying our best not to interrupt you as we come in to find students who are rising and shining. When we come in, if there is a student who is working hard for you, please let us know so that we can be sure to give them feathers. I hope this initiative is helping you to be able to cover more because students are focused and ready to learn. That is our wish!

Heather went tonight and put up one of her creations to capture the golden feathers. It is a better visual to see how many feathers are being collected per house. Please remind students to put both their first and last names on their feathers. They will crumple their feathers and drop them into a tube as they make a wish. I will explain this tomorrow during morning announcements. Thank you Heather for your amazing ideas! You are such a runner. :-)

Thank you!

Thank you for all that you are doing to prepare our students for state testing and the next grade level. As our students take the field test, your hard work and determination to help our students is showing. Please make sure you talk with your classes about any issues you see during field testing after they finish with the field test. This is a great opportunity to make sure you answer any questions they have after seeing the TDA and clearing up anything that you may need to address before the real test.

I want you all to know that the implementation of the writing plan is working! As I have visited classes I am so impressed by the writing I am seeing. Take a look at this writing from two students in Mrs. Kyle's class. How impressive! I have no doubt that the consistency among grade levels will help our students as they hear the same language year after year. Our writers in grades 3, 4, and 5 are showing out on the field test as well. I am thrilled that we are producing great writers here at CGE!

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May is Almost Here!

As we begin testing, we are also entering a very busy time of the year. I have listed important dates below. In order to get a head start on some important deadlines, please begin locating your profile cards and filling some of the information out. You will also need to be planning on time to level your students for the end of the year. Just a couple of things to be thinking ahead about. :-)


For those of you who park near the pirate ship, make sure that you are in a parking space and not parked on the curb or on the blacktop. We need that circle open should we have an emergency situation and need to get fire trucks in that area.

5th Grade to Washington

Please include our 5th graders and teachers in your prayers. They leave for Washington Tuesday and will return late Friday. We hope you have an amazing trip and will be praying for a safe and fun trip!

Upcoming Dates:

April 24th: SCReady Testing Begins

April 24th: One Book One District Book #2 Begins

April 25th: 5th to Washington

April 27th: Last Day of Goalpost

April 27th: Meet with Stacey during planning to discuss article on spelling

April 28th: 5th Comes Home


May 22nd: F & P Levels Due

May 24th: Profile Cards Due

May 26th: Last Day of Testing

May 30th: K5 End of Year Celebration

May 31st: Field Day and Spring Fling

June 1st: 3rd and 4th Grade Award's Day

June 2nd: 5th Grade Graduation

June 2nd: 4th Nine Weeks House Party and Cup Winner Party

June 5th: Move-Up Day and 5th Grade Dance

June 6th: Last Student Day

Student Attendance

Please stress the importance of student attendance and being on time in your newsletters, emails, remind texts, etc. to parents. I am doing the same in my communications with parents. It is so very important that students are here and on time during these next 34 days. Don't forget!

New Bicycle Rack

We have received a new bicycle rack. This bicycle rack came from the old Pelzer Elementary school. It is a really nice one! It is near our checkered board in the reading garden. It will hold about 20 bikes. Please allow your students to use the bikes as much as you would like.

Feathers and Garden Work Day

We are working on a day that we all can come together and create our own feathers to put on the wings which will be displayed on the stage. We also need help with our garden. We need to weed, plant, and spread pine needles. Please help us next Tuesday afternoon. Bring your work clothes and let's knock it out together. This is such a special place in our school!