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It was another great week at Wilson Hill. I continue to be amazed at our White Tigers and how well they are adjusting to being back in school every day. Each week we are seeing their stamina levels getting better and better. We hope everyone has a great weekend. Below are some important updates. Please do not hesitate to contact the office with any questions!

Go White Tigers!

Principal Addy

New Updates:

News from Nurse Donaldson

Please remember....

If your child receives a positive COVID test please remember to report it here. This will help keep Worthington's reporting accurate.

If your child is exhibiting any of the following symptoms please keep them home. If your child is at school and exhibits these symptoms a Parent/Guardian will be called for immediate pick up.

PTO Information

  • Please mark your calendar for Friday, October 1 from 5:30 - 7:30pm. The PTO will be hosting their annual Fall Festival.
  • Please look for a flyer coming home soon in regards to the PTO Walkathon fundraiser which is slated for Friday, October 22

Wilson Hill White Tiger Cross Country Team Update

The Wilson Hill Cross Country Team began running this week during recess, the team ran 104.5 miles at their first practice! Way to go White Tigers, that’s a lot of laps around our recess field! If your student came home asking to join the team, you can still register them. Visit the team website for more information at https://wilsonhillcrosscountry.weebly.com/

Previous Updates

Planning for Safety in our Schools

The safety of our staff, students, and community is always a priority in Worthington Schools

Statistics show that when staff and students within a school are prepared with knowledge and practice, they respond to emergency situations with positive results. For that reason, schools have always engaged in routines, drills and learning that support everyone’s safety.

Historically, our schools have participated in the following safety drills:

A. Fire Drills that provide knowledge about reporting fire hazards, and experience with a safe evacuation of the building using multiple exits

B. Weather Drills that provide knowledge about how to be calm and safe in the event of weather related events (such as a tornado), and experience with locating sheltered space within the building in which safety is maximized.

C. Lock-Down Drills that provide knowledge about circumstances in which free movement in and around the building is curtailed (such as neighborhood disturbances or unruly school visitors), and experience with locking down the school perimeter, classrooms, and common areas to keep students safe in a secure area until the circumstance passes.

D. Rally-Point Drills that provide knowledge about exiting the building safely, (such as a gas leak or unsafe school visitor), and experience with walking to a predetermined safe space.

Public schools are required by Ohio law to engage in a "Full Scale" Safety Drill every three years. A "Full Scale" drill is one that combines traditionally practiced drills and will include a controlled classroom lockdown and simulated evacuation of the school, including processes to move students away from the school building in the case of presence of danger at school.

Worthington school staff have been trained in emergency response using the ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) training model. Part of this training for staff included how to take additional counter measures during a “lockdown” to facilitate students in an evacuation to a school “Rally Point” from which students could be transported to a “reunification” location to be joined with parents/guardians. Reunification points may vary, but the Worthington Education Center (WEC) would be considered first.

Prior to conducting the full scale safety drill, it is important to prepare students for participation in an age-appropriate manner. Wilson Hill is planning to conduct our drill on Tuesday, October 12th.

During the month of September, our elementary Library Media Staff will be sharing an age-appropriate informational picture book with students in grades K-2. The book outlines awareness building for students, and includes teaching about a school rally point, which students will locate and visit. Students in grades 3-5 have participated in this read aloud previously. Should you like to preview the book, please reach out to your building principal.

Additionally, in the days leading up to each building’s full scale drill, classroom teachers will lead students in an age appropriate discussion that allows students to understand the steps involved in completing the full scale drill. The purpose of this is to eliminate any feelings of surprise and to allow students to know what to expect.

Our schools are great communities for learning. Being prepared for unplanned interruptions is one way to build confidence for ultimate student safety. The safety of our staff, students, and community is always our priority.


Rob Messenheimer

Director of Elementary Education

Worthington City Schools

Continuation of Education for quarantined students

Our primary goal is to ensure the continuation of learning to the fullest extent possible during a quarantine/isolation period.

Excused absence rules apply during a quarantine/isolation period. A student who is ill can make up all work missed during a quarantine/isolation period. Upon returning to school, a student shall have a period of school days (includes in-school and at-home learning days) equal to the number of school days absent in which to make up any classwork. As we continue to implement our Seesaw (PreK-5) Learning Management System, information should be current and due dates for quizzes, tests, projects, and papers must be reasonable and will be mutually agreed upon between teachers and families.

During the quarantine period, a designated school personnel member will communicate with the student’s teachers to create a plan for continuing access to education during a period of quarantine.

The plan will address the following areas:

  • student access (health-permitting) to:

    • in-class notes/slides/summary from instructor, and

    • other developmentally and/or course-appropriate interaction;

  • access to learning materials in our Seesaw (PreK-5) Learning Management System;

  • any needed adjustments to ensure the continuation of regularly scheduled intervention and/or enrichment services;

  • continuation of documented accommodations; and,

  • individual or small-group check-ins with a designated school staff member to support in areas of academic progress, social-emotional learning needs, etc.

Students receiving services on an IEP will continue to receive this intervention support. If there is a concern in reference to a student with an IEP (Special Education), please contact Renee Brinson for Elementary (K-5)..

At the conclusion of a quarantine period, a building staff member will:

  • identify steps to support the student’s return to school; and,

  • provide an update to the parent/guardian.

Important Links:

Dates to Remember

Friday, September 24th - Picture Day

Friday, October 1 - Wilson Hill Fall Festival

Tuesday, October 12 - Full Scale Safety Drill (more info coming soon)

Friday, October 22 - PTO Walkathon