Long and Short Vowel Bingo

Sidney Westervelt

Basic Overview

- 2nd grade
- Standard RF.2.3a: Distinguish long and short vowels when reading regularly spelled one-syllable words
- Skill taught: distinguish long and short vowels in a word, the students should be able to explain why a vowel is a long or short vowel
- Found this game on Teachers Pay Teachers, modified it so the students would have to explain why a vowel is long or short

How To Play

- Each student is given a Bingo sheet, as well as Bingo chips
- The teacher will call out one word at a time, the students will mark that word if it's on their sheet
- When a student gets four in a row, they will say, "Bingo!"
- The teacher will come over, check the student's Bingo card, and ask the student to show an example of one long vowel and one short vowel
- If the student gives the examples correctly, they will be able to be the one call out the words