Mischief Has Its Perks

A Midsummer Night's Summary by Paul Lyerly


A Midsummer Night's Dream, a play by the great bard Shakespeare, is a confusing intervention of three different stories that otherwise would not have done the things that they had done. This Smore flyer is a playlist of 10 songs that show the emotions of one of the main characters, Robin Goodfellow, a fairy that enjoys to play pranks, throughout the play, from the character's first appearance to the curtain.

The Joker (Steve Miller)

If any song were to fit Robin Goodfellow, it would be "I'm a Joker." This song talks about how the singer is a "Joker" and how he does mischievous deeds, such as making synthesized love affairs (between the love square). Overall, I picked this song because of the lyrics depicting a mischievous, sleazy person.

Biggest Mistake (Rolling Stones)

This song is about "the biggest mistake" of the singer's life. I think that this is what Robin Goodfellow thought when he made titania fall in love with Bottom, whom he gave an ass' head. I picked this because it appeals to right when he started to regret making titania fall in love with an ass.
it feels good to be bad lyrics

[It's good to be] Bad (Rolling Stones)

I picked this song because it shows how Robin thought of himself- a funny guy, but it also shows his bad side. It is seen that Robin likes to make people fall in love and then have unexpected consequences. This song shows what is really going on in Robin's mischievous little mind.
Icona Pop - I Don't Care (I Love It) - Lyrics

I Don't Care -- Icona Pop

Puck's indifference to human suffering and inhumanness led me to choose this song. He really does not care whether anyone lives or not. Anyone in the play must be careful not to invoke puck's wrath.

You're A Mean one, Mr. Grinch

I think that Robin would pick this because it reflects on himself. Robin does many mischievous deeds in order to stay happy but, unlike the grinch, he doesn't change what he thinks. This reflects on his stubbornness to act and his demon-like qualities.

Prince of darkness -- Indigo Girls

The reason I chose this song is because Robin feels like he is the mean person, and likes that. He Loves especially to give the square a hard time. this leads me to think of him as someone mean, hence "Prince of Darkness."

Upside down -- Jack Johnson

I chose this thinking of Robin's abilities. He is able to traverse the world in forty minutes and how he turns the world upside down for the love square. I chose this because there is a lyric in the son that says "Who's to say I Can't Do everything."

Tears of A Clown -- Smokey Robinson

I chose this song because of the fact that Robin likes to fool the public. this means that he is basically the Loki of the time. He loves pranks, and he only is not crazy and boastful when Oberon is around.

Thriller -- Michael Jackson

I chose this because Robin likes to mess with people and play magical tricks.Thriller is all about magic and spookiness, and so Is robin. Robin would also count himself as thrilling.

Losing my Religion -- R. E. M.

"Oh, life, It's Bigger, It's Bigger than you." The starting lyrics of the son show Robin Goodfellow in a ever clarified lens. Robin likes to play tricks landfills himself as larger than life.