Alan Turing

Life as a code breaker

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Alan turing

Mathematical genius of ww2 code breaker and known also as father of modern day computing.

He was born on June 23 1912 and died June 7 1954.

He had great education as he had a scholarship to Princeton university in 1936-1938.

The codebreaker

He played a vital role in deciphering the messages encrypted by the German enigma machine .he took the role as leader that designed the machine known as the bombe that successfully decoded the German machine he became a well known man at Bletchley.

Alan turing sayings

"the original question , can machines think. I believe is meaningless to deserve discussion."

"we can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty that needs to be done."

" a computer deserves to be called in intelligent if it can deceive a human in to believing it is human."

Alan Turing death

Alan Turing was convicted of being homosexual in 1952 he was made to have injections to "cure" him being homosexual and he lost his job due to his sexuality at the code breaker headquarters .

In 1954 he committed suicide by lining a apple with cyanide as he was fascinated by the Disney cartoon snow white.

he was pardoned of his "crime" on Christmas eve by the royals in 2012.

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His statue

There is a statue of him in whit worth gardens in Manchester. in 2012 the Olympic torch was passed in front of his statue on his 100th birthday.