Third Grade Thoughts

Weekly News from Glenhope 3rd Grade! (Volume 15-16,Issue 36)

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...for all you do

We've had an incredible year an can't believe it's coming to an end. As we wrapped up the Success Ceremony today, we felt thankful for your part in helping your children reach their goals and grow so much this year. We couldn't have done it alone and know that you all are an integral part to their success!

All School Celebration

Next week on Wednesday, students will be participating in Glenhope's All School Celebration. We have a busy day planned, with dance parties, bounce houses, grade level activities, and a movie. We want to celebrate all the hard work this year!

Save the Date

Friday, May 27th


Monday, May 30th


Wednesday, June 1st

-All School Celebration

Thursday, June 2nd

-Last Day of School; Early Dismissal 11:45

You Say It's Your Birthday...

-Mason - 31st


-Thomas P. - 6

-Phoebe M. - 14

-Bryce G. - 18

-Jackson B. - 23

-Yashvi - 28

-Oscar E. - 29


-Zander W. - 6

-Callie R. - 11

-Lauren C. - 16


-Corbin B. -10

-Mollie F. - 13

-Elias B. - 17

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Summer Math & Reading Challenges

Continuing to work on and improve skills is so important!

4th grade is having a math and reading summer challenge for our kiddos. Information regarding the challenges was sent home in their Success Ceremony envelopes.

If you have any questions regarding the challenges over the summer, don't hesitate to shoot us an email and we'll get you an answer! :)

Plans for Next Year

In order for us to keep teachers in their current positions and hire extra teachers needed for next year, we really need to know if families will be returning to Glenhope or not next year. If you could take a minute or two to fill out the survey below, it would really help us with staffing plans over the summer. The later we have to wait to hire teachers, the less quality of teachers available!

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Sad to Say...Goodbye

Well, this is our last newsletter of the year. We have enjoyed the year so very much and are sad to say goodbye. We hope you've had a wonderful year! You almost have 4th graders!!

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