Social Media

By: Gabbie Lavine

My Opinion

I believe social media can be both a benefit and disadvantage because there are many ways to use a all social medias professionally and also unprofessionally. I think that Twitter can be a great way to promote your stuff and I think that the new poll gadget is a great resource for a business great response straight from the customers. The character limit on twitter can be a disadvantage because you can't say everything you need to say in limited characters. I think that Instagram can be useful for those companies that have a younger target audience because when I think about it, I cant think of a kid without an Instagram. On the other hand though if your target audience isn't in the younger ages that could be a disadvantage. I think that linked in is an advantage because its all the information that you need to show on a website to get yourself out there for opportunities. I believe it could be a disadvantage though for those kids who started their pages to early to it wasn't necessarily professional because the could hurt them in the future. Overall i think that social media can really benefit a business in a way that the disadvantages will disappear.