By: Yanelly C,Cisneros 7th Period

Photosynthesis Equation


to me photosynthesis is when light converts into chemical energy and then turns into green pigment. Its like a math equation but in a different way. example ~

Learning About Photosynthesis Student Stlyle

co2 + o2 + C2H12O6

cO2---- is a gas that is formed by many different kind of plant its a type of gas that the plants let out from their leafs, roots, or steam.

o2---- its a type of oxygen that human breath and realize.

C2H12O6 ---- its Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen

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Photosynthesis Paragraph

Photosynthesis takes place in plant leaves, and little to occurs in stems. The part of the leaf take in Carbon Dioxide. Later then human realize Oxygen and then the leafs soak up the carbon dioxide.Chlorophyll looks green because it absorbs red and blue light, making these colors unavailable to be seen by our eyes. It is the green light which is NOT absorbed that finally reaches our eyes, making chlorophyll appear green. At the end its all photosynthesis is----- CO2 + 6H2O (+ light energy) C6H12O6 + 6O2. This is the source of the O2 we breathe.