St. John The Apostle

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Facts About St. John The Apostle

  • St. John is the patron of Asia Minor
  • He is called the apostle of charity
  • John is the son of Zebedee
  • His feast day is December 27th
  • He did around approximately 100 A.D. and is believed to be the last surviving apostle.
  • He is usually depicted as an eagle
  • He wrote the fourth gospel, 3 epistles, and the book of Revelation is also attributed to him
  • St. John was sentenced to a boiling cauldron of oil, but emerged from the cauldron unharmed

About St. John's Gospel

  • There are 2 endings to the gospel of John, the most common of the 2 is when Thomas doesn't believe he saw Jesus, until he touches the wounds of Jesus
  • John's gospel preached the imminence of God's final judgement
  • In the gospel of John, Christ refers to the father over 100 times
  • John's gospel is different due it's unique perspective of Jesus

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Was St.John Married? No, he was never married.
  2. Did St. John have any kids? No, St. John never had any children.
  3. Did He Have Any Siblings? Yes! St. John had one brother named James, who was also an apostle.