Researcher Capabilities

Sarah Gibson - April 30,2015 - Mark 311

Who Benefits?

The client benefits from my marketing research contribution. Nature Yoga came to us for help and talked with us about their company, then in our groups we discussed what we thought they may need to learn about their customers and business. For example, we knew from the beginning that one of Nature Yoga's biggest issues was it's lack of social media usage. Social media is an integral part of any business in today's world. Knowing this, we wanted to to include social media in some aspect of our MDO and research objectives. Our survey helped us find quantitative and qualitative data for them to be able to use in their future marketing decisions. They can use the research to help them understand their current and potential customers and what they look for and want out of a yoga studio.

Is My Research Trustworthy?

I believe that our research is trustworthy. We may have had some biases in who answered our survey, since we posted them on our social media and a majority of the people who would see that are our peers, however, that is still an age group Nature Yoga can look into attracting, therefore the data is still beneficial to them. We went through our survey responses and got rid of ones we believed were not taken seriously or did not provide relevant information. We wanted to provide research that Nature Yoga would be able to utilize in the future.

How Has My Motivation For This Project Changed?

I think my motivation for this project has gone through different periods. In the beginning I was excited to start this new experience and learn about marketing research. Then I went through a period where I was slowly becoming less and less excited. I do not think it was because of the class, the research process, or my ambition, I think it was mostly because of my group dynamic. Once we got the survey out, I was interested in looking at our responses and analyzing the data. I think at this point I was inspired to want to create a great presentation for Mark and Erica. From the very beginning I wanted to provide them the best service I possibly could. My motivation about that never wavered.

How Can My Predictions From Data Analysis Be Connected To Personal Perceptions?

Many of our predictions from the data analysis can be connected to personal perceptions in several ways. There were a number of questions that were about people's personal preferences and perceptions of a yoga studio. We may have had some biases, as I mentioned before in how and where our survey was distributed and who responded. There could have also been confusion among some surveyors on how to answer our questions, as we did receive some confusing responses that did not really make much sense. I think they were an important part of the process though. No survey is without bias in some shape or form. The point of this project and class was to provide us with as real of a marketing research experience as possible, and learning from the mistakes we made in our survey is part of that experience.