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Fast Facts

Continent: Asia

Capital: Tokyo

Population: 126,919,659

Area: 145,914

Language: Japanese

Religion: Shintoism

Miles away from D.C:6815.99 Mile away


in Tokyo they ride bullet trains and they get so full that the staff has to shove them in the train. Most people have cars but it is hard to get around but some don't. Most people that don't have cars drive a bus and they don't get shoved in the bus. They also have sub ways but not a lot of people take them


They eat rice with almost every meal. They have fish with a lot of meals to. They eat sushi a lot witch is rice, raw fish,seaweed and what ever else they want in it. They also eat lunch boxes witch is all of there favorite food and they eat them in special times


In Tokyo they play and watch sports a lot. Soccer is big in that country thy have a really good team .They have big stadiums were they watch sumo wresting. They also have fighting classes that parents make their kids take.

What i want to know

I want to ride in one of there cars. I also want to see how Fast there cars. I also want to attend school there to see the difference. I really want to attend a soccer game
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Japan: Flag. 2015. ProQuest.